Blythe Doll’s Artist 

When I release my inspiration as an artist, the most beautiful creations are born. Every month I offer two to four of my girls for adoption. These beautiful Blythe dolls are all unique and handmade. Despite the fact that I spend many hours in my studio creating my dolls, the range is limited. So when I offer a doll for adoption, the rules are simple. Who adopts the doll first gets the doll, no second doll can be made exactly the same. To know when a doll is offered for adoption, follow my Facebook and Instagram account.

  • All my dolls are made by hand
  • Each doll is unique
  • I only use high-quality materials
  • No reservations

My Blythe dolls are adopted all over the world. As an artist I am very pleased to know that my children feel safe with their adopted moms. I love it when I get news that they have arrived safely and that their new mom feels happy with her new girl.

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