Blythe Photo Books

The combination of my two worlds 

As an artist of Blythe dolls I also entered the world of photography.
Here I use nature as the perfect background for my Blythe dolls. But sometimes the temptation becomes too great and the background is suddenly used as a foreground. I have bundled a small part of my photos into this beautiful book. Here you will of course see a nice collection of my Blythe dolls, but at the same time I will take you on a journey into my world of photography.

  • Discover my beautiful collection of Blythe dolls
  • Be seduced in my photographic journey
  • This book is a “MUST HAVE” for every Blythe fan
  • You can find my book in the webshop

This is the first edition of my Blythe book. I made this book with great love to please you as a Blythe fan. If you are new to the Blythe world, this book will seduce you and conquer your heart as once my heart was conquered by the Blythe world. Enjoy this photo book and give it a special place close to your dolls.

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