Is a Blythe doll expensive?

Is a Blythe doll expensive?

Behind each Blythe doll there are many hours of work, effort and sacrifice of the person who creates it. This person is the artist.

The moment the doll reaches the hands of the customizer it stops being a toy,  it will become a Blythe with emotions. The original base of a Blythe is expensive. You can calculate between 100 and 1000 euros only for the base. Prices can vary depending on different factors, year, limited edition or not, and molds.

I am going to tell you from my point of view as an artist. A Blythe doll is like a blank canvas in which we capture all our feelings. All  we want to transmit in it, is a long process where you choose from a haircut to each eye color. It has 4 pairs and different positions, body change for a more stylized or childish one It depends on the type of doll that we want to create.

Later we go to face carving, sanding, and makeup which is done with great care and attention to every detail. We start with a blank canvas but once we finish this process, the magic begins. Our Blythe is getting to life, already transmits something magical. When i find that her haircut is good i will start the process of dressing her.

Is a Blythe doll expensive?

She is very childish or on the contrary in a reveled teenager, it can also be any magical creature you can imagine, I said before our Blythe It is a blank canvas which we enjoy creating. After all this is a manual process. We got to assemble and control our Blythe doll, that is what we want. If we are satisfied with the result then it is time to take the photos, But not just any photo, in my case I leave the house to look for magic places.

I go to the forest, a beach, a facade any place where I see that my girl is in an environment, and she looks great. After all, don’t forget she is a model. At this moment  they stop being dolls, and they become my girls. They can  send emotions to the people who adopt them, I no longer talk about sales, of course I have not already put my heart and soul in creating this little girl.

After the photos shoot it is time to present my little girl. I post the pictures on different networks and show the people what that has taken me days, weeks or months to create.  It’s here that I put an adoption price for my work and creation. This price is not for my hours, this price is not for all the materials I used.  The price is for a unique precious creature that you adopt and will give you company for the rest of your life. Remember that it is not the most perfect or the most elaborate what is worth, worth what it conveys

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