How I felt in love with Blythe

Just on June 14, it’s been 4 years since I discovered these little ones.
It was very coincidental that I found this in the instagram profile of now my big friend Jordi

From the moment I saw the dolls, I surprised Jordy with endless questions. He was very sweet and answered all my questions one by one with the patience of an angel.

At this point, I was amazed at the beauty of this doll, the name of which I didn’t even know. He advised me where to buy one and sent me some from links from suppliers.


I had no idea what it would be like to the Blythe world to me, at the time I was doing amigurumi dolls that I was passionate about. I had a lot of joy with them and gave them a lot of love.

It is great to see how you can make a doll from a simple thread.
The amigurumis and my interest in art prompted me to collect Blythes. In the same year in September I already had my first doll on the table to adjust it. She was very ugly, but I was super proud of this little one. I had given her life

Everything started as a hobby for me. I am very happy that I just found it and they are not in my life for a bad moment or therapy.

I just fall in love with them and little by little I practiced various techniques. As I gained more experience, my dolls became more lively and showed the emotion I sent from my heart.

Now that we are 3 years later, I know I wouldn’t want to do anything else. This is my passion, my love and my life. I feel happy as an Artist and hope that as a collector I can enjoy the Blythe dolls for years to come.

And you? Do you want to share your Blythe history?

Send me by email and add a photo.

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