Caredoll Blythe

Learning for photography

In recent weeks I have focused on studying.
It was one of my biggest dreams after I had discovered in 2020 that I am self-taught.

In particular, I learned how to use the Adobe package better improve my graphic work. Moreover, I followed some photography and photoshop courses to use with my muses (blythes).

For me it is important to grow as a person and as an artist. That is why I need to study myself and try to reinvent myself. Only then can I create a product that deserves your admiration.

Caredoll Blythe

I was very excited to relearn, which is a great feeling and has greatly contributed to my well-being.

I have so many lessons I want to take, I want to learn so much now, because I didn’t have this opportunity as a child. Now I feel like I want to absorb a world of knowledge. It seems as if I have only tasted a small part of everything that can be discovered in the artistic world.

The biggest challenge for me is to take the time to experience all this. I reinvent myself and balance everything in my life, children, home, husband and friends. At the end of everything, they are the most beautiful and most valuable thing I have in my life.

Still, I try to spend time in my favorite place, my studio or studying behind the computer. I enjoy seeing and feeling the photos. Especially this feeling was a great discovery for me. It is incredible what you can achieve if your mind allows you to make dreams come true.

Above all, you have to be willing to work hard and focus on your dreams and your vision. And maybe not all dreams come true, but trying is so rewarding that it becomes a reward.

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