How I felt in love with Blythe


Just on June 14, it’s been 4 years since I discovered these little ones. It was very coincidental that I found this in the instagram profile of now my big friend Jordi

Learning for photography

Caredoll Blythe

In recent weeks I have focused on studying. It was one of my biggest dreams after I had discovered in 2020 that I am self-taught.

What is a Blythe doll


Neo Blythe is a very fashion doll created in 1972 and was sold for 1 year in USA by the company Kenner. In 1997 New York TV and video producer Gina Garan was given a 1972 Kenner Blythe by a friend and began using it to practice her photographic skills.

Is a Blythe doll expensive?

Is a Blythe doll expensive?

Behind each Blythe doll there are many hours of work, effort and sacrifice of the person who creates it. This person is the artist.